Are you a Bully?

Do you ever?

Make fun of others to get other people to laugh?

Physically hurt someone? Hitting people is assault and is a criminal offence; do not think that hitting people makes you look hard or clever. Talking through problems takes more courage and shows you are growing up.

Damaged or taken other people’s things. If you take things from people this is stealing and also against the law.

Ignore people; or leave them out of things you and you mates do? If you see this going on, be the better person and ask him or her would they like to sit with you or play?

If you think you are a bully ask yourself: Would I want someone else to do these things to me? If the answer is No, STOP …. Apologise for what you have done and then start each day as you mean to go on.

Bullybusters are here to help you to, call 0800 169 6928 we can give you advice on your steps to stopping bullying.

Remember: Being a good friend is the best gift you can ever give someone.