Why do people Bully?

Bullies sometimes don’t understand how bad they make the person feel. If you are skitting someone or playing silly jokes on them you may feel it is all a good laugh! It may have started out that way, but over a couple of days or weeks it starts to upset the person you are making fun out of.

REMEMBER you should never have to say, “I was only messin” they should already know!

They may have problems at home, when people witness violence or people being nasty to each other at home, they come in to school and copy what they see. They feel bad about things and want to hurt other people to make them feel bad too.

They think that picking on people makes them look cool or hard, if you see someone bullying others, don’t stand and laugh or cheer. Walk away and go and get help. If you stand and watch and laugh you are just as bad as the bully because now you give them an audience to urge them on.

They could be jealous of who you are or what you look like. Maybe they are used to getting a lot of attention and if someone takes their lime light then they don’t like it so they hurt them instead

They do not know how to be a good friend, if everyone was a good friend to others bullying would not be happening

It would be very rare to find a truly happy bully!!!


If you think you are a bully we can help you to ring us on 0800 169 6928