Homophobic Bullying

DEFINITION Homophobic bullying occurs when bullying is motivated by predudice against lesbian, gay or bisexual people.

Who experiences homophobic bullying?

  • Children and young people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual (LGB) or questioning their sexuality.
  • Children and young people who are thought to be LGB
  • Children and young peoplewho are seen to be different in some way by their peers - they may not act the same as other boys or girls.
  • Children and young people who have LGB friends or family, or whose parents/carers are LGB
  • Teachers, youth workers and other adults who may or may bot be LGB

Who does the bullying and why?

  • Anyone, especially if theif they have not been told it is wrong.
  • Those who believe LGB people should be bullied because they are "wrong".
  • People who are having issues with their own sexuality and may be angry about this.
  • People who think "boys should act like boys" and girls should acyt like girls".
  • People who believe that LGB people do not have the same rights as hetrosexual people and use this as justification for bullying.
  • People who think LGB parenting is wrong pupils with LGB parents or carers should be treated differently because of it.
  • People who have suffered sexual abuse from someone of the same gender, who confuse this experience with healthy expressions of sexual orientation.

Adapted from 'Safe to learn - preventing and responding to homophobic bullying in schools' (DCSF 2007)