Message for the whole school

There are lots of people to help stop bullying, Teachers, Youth Workers, Parents/Carers and of course Bullybusters, but the only people who are really going to make a difference is you! If every person in the school does the same thing when they see someone being bullied you can stop it from happening.

What you can do?

Never put yourself in danger, if you see someone fighting or arguing never step in to stop it, this could end up in you being hurt, but we would want you to go and get help. Don’t stand and watch; this just encourages the bully even more because you are giving him or her an audience.

Tell a person you trust what you have seen happen; Write it down, saying the four W's: WHO, WHATWHERE and WHEN this way you state all of the facts and not because you have been told rumours. Hand it to a teacher and allow them to deal with it.

Approach the person who is being bullied and ask them if they are ok; By doing this you are supporting the person and showing them that you do care about them and they have a friend. You are also showing the bully that you think what they are doing is wrong without getting involved in an argument.

If you are friends with the bully ask them to leave them alone; Bullies aren’t always nasty to everyone, you might feel a friend of yours is doing the wrong thing and you should be able to tell them they are wrong. Some people think if they do this then they might get bullied? I don’t think a friend would do this. Would you want your best friend to be scared of you?

REMEMBER Bullybusters can give you the best advice to help a person who is being bullied, If you know someone who is being bullied ring us for a chat on 0800 169 6928.