About Us

Bullybusters started off life at the beginning of September 2004 as a confidential free phone helpline providing support and advice for victims of bullying and their families.

Since then our services have developed and grown and we now operate a full anti bullying initiative providing training and awareness sessions for young people, children, professionals, Governors and parents or carer's.

The website contains information and practical advice on bullying, as well as contact details for the free helpline or you can email us via the contact us form.We also encourage feedback so we can develop our services accordingly.

A team of specially trained staff operate the confidential telephone helpline and take calls from victims, parents or from people with information about the bullying of children. As well as acting as a listening ear service, the team provides practical advice and can act as  a mediator between the organisation where the bullying is taking place and the parent/carer of the child involved.

Bullybusters is  delivered by LocalSolutions and funded by Knowsley, Liverpool, and Sefton Local Authorities.

Meet a Bullybuster