What do Bullybusters offer? 

With anti-bullying week approaching, it is beneficial to understand what services are provided by the team all year round. Bullybusters offer a range of services to aid in the prevention of bullying across the UK. We aim to keep the anti-bullying message at the top of the agenda all year round.

The services on offer include: 

                   Anti-Bullying whole schools approach 

                   Raising awareness of the forms and impact of bullying on EVERYBODY affected.

                   ·        Workshops

                   ·        Assemblies

                   ·        Presentations 

                   ·        Lunchtime surgeries – a booth set up in the dinnerhall offering a ‘drop in’ service for the children

                   ·        Parents workshops                   

                    Raising awareness of –

                   ·        What is bullying

                   ·        Types of bullying

                   ·         Effects of bullying

                   ·         How you can help to stop bullying

                   ·         Good friendship 

                    Anti-Bullying Peer Mentor Training

                    Bullybusters has developed a Peer Mentor training plan, with the aim of enabling young people and children to recognise and                                           appropriately act upon issues of bullying within their peer group.

                     The training includes:

                     ·        A comprehensive training plan for the peer mentors

                     ·        A route to reporting any concerns.

                     ·        Empowering pupils to make positive changes in their communities.

                     ·        Certificates of achievement awarded to participating pupils.

                     ·        Follow up sessions for any concerns to be heard

                    Special events & Specific subjects

                    As well as carrying out the whole schools approach sessions, Bullybusters can facilitate specific targeted presentation/ workshop in                               various subjects including:

                    ·        Technological/ Cyber bullying, internet safety

                    ·        Hate crime

                    ·        Who can I talk to

                    We can tailor our training to the needs of the school. Bullybusters will be happy to support schools in any way we can with raising                                   awareness and fundraising activities.


                    Confidential free phone helpline

                    Bullybusters are dedicated to resolving the bullying issues affecting the individual involved and will remain in contact if needed. The                             helpline provides support to those affected by bullying including young people and carers.

                    ·        Informal chat with the concerned person of bullying about who is affecting them and how they have been feeling about it                                                  emotionally

                    ·        Friends and good role models in the school are asked to become involved in supporting the victim

                    ·        Contact school and arrange training

                    ·        Listening ear

                    ·        Parents, carers, teachers and young people can ring in


                                                                         BULLYBUSTERS HELPLINE SERVICE 

                                                                                              0800 169 6928