Competition Time Design a Super Hero/Motto

6th Oct 2016

At Bullybusters we have asked children 5-11 years old to “Design your very own Super Hero”

We have also asked 11-14 year olds to “Design their very own Motto”

Competition Details:

“Design your very own Super Hero”

Reception - Year 6

We want you to design us our very own superhero!

It can look however you want but we want to know the following

Name of the Superhero?

What superpower will they have?

What is their role?

How does the superhero work in your school?

“Design their very own Motto”

Year 7 - Year 9

We want you to design us your very own Motto it can be based on your school badge but what we need to know is..

The meaning of the motto?                                

What power does your Motto have?

How does it work in your school?

Please send entries to us at by post:

Bullybusters, 286-316 Scotland Road, Liverpool L5 5AE


Any questions give us a call: 

0800 169 6928

We look forward to seeing all entries our closing date is end of October 2016