Bullybusters on Radio City - NSPCC Report on "Sexting"


Fran Goldsmith, from our Bullybusters project, was recently featured on Radio City to discuss a new report by the NSPCC on the subject of‘Sexting’.

The report found that 73% of the 1,000 parents and carers interviewed across the UK thought sexting is"always" harmful - but that nearly six in 10 have not spoken to their children about it. 

It also found that half of parents don’t know the law surrounding sharing explicit pictures. 

Fran pointed out during her interview that technology may be getting in the way of parents’ ability to monitor what their children are up to as they “may not have the understanding of how to usephones, iPads and things like that”.  If you need advice or guidance on "Sexting" Contact us on 0800-169-6928