Making the most of your summer holiday

The summer holidays are nearly coming to an end but don’t worry there’s still ways to make the most of your time off! 

Go out and have fun, don’t sit in and play on your X-Box all day. Think about trying something new, perhaps picking up a new hobby or even making new friends. Remember to inform your parents of where you are going and who you are seeing if you are meeting with friends. The summer is here for you to chill and make yourself some new memories.  

During the summer holidays it can be really tempting to post on social media and compete with your friends after seeing pictures of their amazing 5-star holiday on your news feed. The only summer holiday that matters is your own and it doesn’t matter whether you’ve gone abroad or not. The most important thing is that you are enjoying your own summer holiday. 

“What you do in your summer is your summer and what your friends do is their summer. We don’t need the acceptance of social media to tell us what we are doing is ok. Do what you want to do because you want to- don't be influenced by others. If we all did the same thing we would have nothing to speak about and that would be pretty boring.” - Frances Goldsmith 

It is also important to remember safety on social media such as reporting inappropriate content, only accepting people you know and respecting the content that other’s post. 

If you are worried about something related to starting school or even issues that may haven't been resolved after the academic year, write it in a diary and revisit it closer to the time of school starting. For example, the week before school, get in contact with us and we’ll help you. Tell us the details and we’ll contact the school and try and transition any issues you have as easy as possible. We want you to all have a great summer and don’t want you to dwell on any concerns during your holiday. 

Don’t forget that the Bullybusters helpline is here to help over summer. Monday – Friday, 3PM – 6PM. You can also leave voice mails and email us. 

 Call our helpline on 0800 169 6928 or email us at