Bullybusters session to help you support children

This July we are hosting virtual training sessions to help you support school aged children. Whether you're a parent or you work with children, we want you to come along and take away loads of helpful information which we hope makes things easier for you during these strange times. 

The sessions will be delivered over Zoom

You will need to book to attend any of the sessions.
See our scheduled sessions and sign up below: 

Wednesday July 1st 
Return to school; Overcoming Worries 10am 
Cyber Bullying and Awareness 11:30am 
Building Positive Friendships 2pm 
Transition from Year  6   6pm 

Wednesday 8 July 
Cyber Bullying and Awareness 10am 
Transition from Year 6 11:30am 
Return to school; Overcoming worries 2pm 
Building Positive Friendships 6pm 

Wednesday 15 July 
Building Positive Friendships 10am 
Return to School ; Overcoming worries 11:30am 
Transition from Year 6 2pm 
Cyber Bullying and Awareness 6pm 

Wednesday 22 July 
Transition from Year 6 10am 
Building Positive Friendships 11:30am 
Cyber Bullying and Awareness 2pm 
Return to school; Overcoming worries 6pm