Dealing with bullying behaviour

We often hear that all bullies are bad, evil and dysfunctional.  The impact that they have on their chosen victim can and does last a life time but bullybusters believes that many bullies have their own issues and can need as much support as the person who is being bullied.

Why do people bully?

  • They could be witnessing violence at home and display this behaviour to their peers
  • They could be getting the wrong advice from parents or siblings
  • They could be jealous
  • They have not been taught how to be a good friend and they get their needs met by hurting others
  • They wish to be the center of attention and achieve this by humiliating others
  • They suffer with low self esteem and hurt others to make themselves feel better.
  • They crave for attention, positive or negative

Children and young people who bully need to learn.....

  • How to get their needs met without hurting others
  • What impact their actions is having on another person
  • That bullying will lead to a consequence that is not a good experience for them
  • How to challenge their anger
  • Identify what triggers their bullying behaviour
  • That their behaviour could be illegal


Useful questions to ask a bully

  • Who have you hurt? (Bullies can sometimes believe they have hurt the teacher or their parent)
  • What did you gain?
  • How did it make you feel?
  • What would prevent you from bullying this person again? Use their suggestion as a possible consequence
  • Next time, what can you do to achieve your goal without hurting anyone else?