Supporting a child who is being bullied


When a person is being bullied it can very quickly take over their whole life.

They feel that everyone is against them and if they have told someone and nothing has been done this can leave them with a bigger sense of failure.

It is vital that we take time to support the person who is feeling bullied. On some occasions it may need interventions that help boost the child's resilience and the following can be a handy tool to help them to focus on the positives.


•Talk to others about things that frighten me or bother me

• Find ways to solve problems that I face

•Control myself when I feel like doing something not right or dangerous

•Figure out when it is a good time to talk to someone or to take action

.Find someone to help me when I need it

• Laugh at myself

• Rule the world……….


• A person people can like and love

• Glad to do nice things for others and show my concern

• Respectful of myself and others

•Willing to be responsible for what I do

• Sure things will be all right

• Happy with myself


• People around me I trust and who love me, no matter what

• People who set limits for me so I know when to stop before there is danger or trouble

• People who show me how to do things right by the way they do things

• People who want me to learn to do things on my own

• People who help me when I am sick, in danger or need to learn

By doing this every day it can really focus on positivity rather than the doom and gloom, it can also help them to overcome any bullying behaviour.