Main complaint's / comments from parents and carers


•Nobody called me back

•I got bullied in school and I’m not letting my son/daughter go through it

•Saying it’s been dealt with but not sharing how

•Blaming the child who is being bullied –over sensitive, toughen up, they brought it on themselves.

•After a meeting, they suggest many different interventions: Child says they don’t happen

•Getting past the receptionist!!!

•Allowed time out and Science teacher wont allow it

•School not recognising that the Teacher can potentially be the bully

•Lack of sensitivity from staff

•Why is it my child gets punished e.g move class, stay in, not go certain places

It is so important that the person dealing with the bullying communicates with the parent as this stops the frustration and anger that can be felt in a really difficult situation.  Bullybusters can support you in these practises and help to put a parents mind at ease.

Please call 0151 330 2012  or email for helpful strategies