Help & Advice

Watching and knowing someone you love is being bullied is an extremely worrying time for any parent/carer. You feel as if you have no choice but to continue sending your child to a place that you know they are being hurt, because if you don't send them, you could be fined or in extreme cases, sent to prison.

You become frustrated and angry and unsure of how best to deal with the situation. These pages are to help you as a parent/carer,  to give you the knowledge and confidence to help you support your child .

Is it bullying? Children and young people fall out on a daily basis, this is a way of life and no sooner have the tears stopped then they are happily playing again. Falling out or having an argument is upsetting for a child or young person and when you see your child upset you can sometimes jump to the wrong conclusion, here is a simple guide to what is bullying?

Bullying can be Verbal (name calling), Physical (hitting) Indirect (spreading rumours, peer pressure) or Technological (using the internet or mobile phones to the hurt the other person)

  • The behaviour is done on purpose
  • It is not a one off incident, it happens over and over again, it is constant and persistent
  • Though these incidents alone can seem insignificant, it is the repeated harassment that causes serious harm and stress.