Mark Fitzsimmons, Interim Inclusion and Integration Manager

Liverpool City Council have commissioned the Bully Buster service to support our Anti Bullying work, for a number of years now. During that time they have provided excellent support to young people, teachers and parent/guardians on issues related to incidents of bullying, prevention of bullying, training, workshops and a confidential support, advice helpline.

The service provided has helped us to reduce incidents of bullying year on year for the last 3 years and support awarenes of our prevention agenda. They are a superb service I would commend highly.

Mrs Hindmarsh Head Teacher, Kirkby C of E Primary School

BullyBusters has proved to be a wonderfully, proactive support for children at Kirkby C of E Primary School.  It has allowed them to think about situations empathetically and develop strategies to cope when other children have been unkind to them. The role play and peer mentoring has been particularly useful in developing children's self esteem, whilst realising that it's ok to ask for help and support. The assemblies the Bully Busters staff have carried out have been excellent thought provoking activities which have alerted the children to the variety of forms of bullying including technological bullying.

Mike Clarke, Head of Service, Education Social Welfare Service, Wirral

The BullyBusters Project has been successfully delivered by Local Solutions for more than six years. They provide a telephone helpline and website offering support to any child or adult in the region who is concerned about bullying. They also provide advice and training to individuals, schools and other agencies in respect of dealing with bullying across a range of settings and contexts. One example is their Peer Mentoring Training which is now well established in many of Wirral's primary and secondary schools. Feedback from Head Teachers has been very positive. They have also facilitated training at a number of conferences and workshops on issues such as Cyber Bullying and Bullying in Relation to Gender which was very well received. They have also done some very good work through the media including TV, radio and newspapers. The commitment of the workers and managers has been excellent.

Tony Blair - Prime Minister 1997-2007

" I congratulate the Liverpool ECHO and all those involved in the BullyBusters helpline. This is a vital service for Merseyside and I fully support it. "

Sarah Dunn (Mandy Richardson in Hollyoaks)

" The BullyBusters helpline is so important. It gives children help and support when they need it most - and it is local. "

St. Helens Rugby Star Jon Wilkin

"Well done to all those involded with BullyBusters on tackling this serious issue in this unique way. "

Regional Anti-Bullying Tsar Andy Ritchie

" This is a tremendous way of helping victims of bullying and others across the country should consider introducing it themselves. "